My Beautiful Mind, Part #1

AST is a beautiful idea.

            I’ve been keeping that part a secret, I’m not sure why. Really, AST is beautiful, full of hope, a ray of light for the future where none was perhaps deemed possible, a truly unexpected miracle of light and hope in a dark world.

            This is not easy for me.

            I will rail all day on your corner about how the world is burning down but to offer hope, to say something positive? That seems to me to deserve the utmost care, that is not a thing to be undertaken lightly. But I think it’s time to start to roll that vision out and see what it looks like.

            Please enjoy this year’s stuff on - the “Better Metaphor” series, etc., it’s the foundation of my idea, but the language, the subject matter are all on the dark side of the human equation (that being central to the theory, that, just like with the fictional “Force,” the dark side of life is where the power is), which is kind of all stick and no carrot for the reader. It was a positive urge that began my search, and I really have found my answer, but the answer finally came to me during a very difficult time in my life. It’s my idea, and it has a big bright side, but I haven’t been able to see anything but darkness myself for this whole last year. My apologies and my praise for those few readers who have been able to follow me on this train of thought despite the thick pheromonal cloud of anger and sadness that surrounds me. Some small group of followers have been able to allow me to speak to them despite the cloud, which is something few manage in real life. Anonymous and theoretical as you are, I thank you, I needed that.

            The stuff from 2014 and 2015 is for parents, new parents, it says, “don’t punish, in any way, at all,” citing damage and hard feelings as unwanted consequences. This year’s stuff says, “uh, no, the damage and hard feelings are in fact the unconscious but wanted consequences,” and so re-defines the problem of punishment. I still don’t advocate for the punishment of children, I’ve just come to understand it’s not a rational, debating sort of a thing.

            So enough of rehashing the dark side again.

I repeat: AST, antisocialization theory is a beautiful idea. AST says that not only are we not born sinners, but that we do not even stand in judgment of ourselves as such. It says that we believe ourselves to be conceived sinless. Do you know, I used to hear talk like that and brush it off as either religion or psychology, and considered either vector for these sweetness and light sort of ideas to be baseless, simply wishful thoughts? I’m sure you do know, I imagine that is your present thought also. But it’s true. It’s the only belief of ours that can make sense of our behaviour.

Not only that, but AST is the only theory that explains the nurture assumption, the only idea that proves the power of the nurture side of the eternal argument. As such, AST has the potential to bring psychology back to science and to bring biology back to humanity. I know everyone shares this dream, that the caring basis of psychology not be left out of the exploding world of the bio-sciences. I don’t think we all want it this way, or from me – but we all want it, right?

AST has it that we are not eternally failing at controlling our base impulses for war and other violence – it says that we have succeeded in reinventing ourselves as this thing, this deep roots of war creature. It says that far from being helpless to our genes and our base natures, that we are in fact self-actualized creatures, that we possess the power to create ourselves in a vision of what we need to be, that we have done it already and so we can again. This is one hundred and eighty degrees away from where the life sciences appear to be taking us, but it’s not a conflict, only a misunderstanding. AST comes to this happy vision by finding room within a scientific look at human beings for choices, for free will, for our inner life. AST is empowering – not your usual scientific theory, to be sure.

 . . . better?

Sorry, I’m a little stuck, not sure how to end it. Like I said, being positive, offering hope, this is hard for me. Offer doom and you’re wrong, great, but sell hope and something goes pear-shaped? Scary. But, if you have the cure, if you might have the cure, then I guess you’re stuck with it, take a chance or go to your grave wondering if you’ve let all of humanity down, those are a grandiose person’s choices. To put it out there is to invite exposure (and treatment), but to not is to protect one’s delusion, a comfortable, ineffectual madness that fears critique.

I’ll risk it, finding out I’m wrong, finding out I’m crazy, starting all over yet again, all of this I risk for you, for all of you but for no one or few of you, on the chance, on the small chance that I really have stumbled upon something that can make things better for all of us. God knows I’m trying, LOL.





            April 28th., 2017

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Comments (5)

  1. magnocrat

    Self- actulised creatures that is almost exactly the view of evangelism. Put all the nonsense aside and be responsible for your own actions. Get a grip of yourself man , grow up, take responsibility, stop blaming others.
    Sounds as if your turning over a new leaf, letting the old drop away , stepping out believing you can make a difference. Hey its not the old idealism of youth returning is it?
    Failure ; what on earth is that ; man your looking at a success machine !

    April 29, 2017
    1. Neighsayer

      “Put all the nonsense aside and be responsible for your own actions. Get a grip of yourself man , grow up, take responsibility, stop blaming others.”

      yes, but that’s normally an individual conversation, right? And I’m sort of laying this down at the species or at least the cultural level, not so much ‘I am’ as ‘we are’ self-actualized. If I’m ever declaring that about my personal self, somebody slap me, LOL.

      no, probably not any youthful enthusiasm, but perhaps a lightening of my depression, maybe I’m gonna survive.

      How you doing?

      April 29, 2017
  2. magnocrat

    Its ok to take that attitude as an individual call a spade a spade so to speak. My father and uncle were plumbers and they were very down to earth. Many years ago there was a new invention called a bink which they installed ; it was a combination of a bath and a sink.
    My uncle joked he was going to market the shink which he said was a combination of a bath a shithouse and a sink. I still laugh when I remember.

    April 29, 2017
  3. Neighsayer

    This -

    AST comes to this happy vision by finding room within a scientific look at human beings for choices, for free will, for our inner life.”

    - of course, isn’t new, this is where Dawkins and Dennett have taken us. Mine is one concrete (!) example of their meme idea, I think . . .

    April 29, 2017
  4. alexanderakeroyd

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    August 08, 2017